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Michelle Perez-Robles
4 months ago
Being new to California and requiring more than basic dental care, finding a dentist that could provide this level of care was a high priority. I researched dentists before choosing Tara Hills Dental. The deciding factors for me were location, great reviews, and the ability to handle all members of my family's dental needs. I have been pleased with the care, customer service, and professionalism the team at Tara Hills Dental provides.

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Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 18 reviews.
★★★★★ It was performed promptly, I knew the doctor & her dental assistant cared about my well being. I think everyone sould have a dentist of this highest character and expertise Pinole
★★★★★ I always hated going to the dentist until I went to Tara Hills Dental. Dr. Ghaoui is the best and her staff is so delightful and caring. I would highly recommend that if you want the best, then go to Tara Hills Dental. Pinole
★★★★★ cannot recommend this establishment highly enough. And to any fellow ex-pats from the UK, this is THE dentist to sign up with.

Back in the UK I was not in any way a nervous person when the time came around to pay a visit to the dentist. However, I did go through a bad experience with a dentist in Martinez and I immediately set about trying to find a new dentist and my search brought me to Tara Hills Dental.

Due to the Martinez thing, I was somewhat apprehensive, but my mind was instantly put at ease from the moment I 'stepped in the door' at Tara Hills Dental and had a conversation with Pina Alvarez, the Office Manager.

And once I was 'in the chair' and speaking with the dentist herself I felt further assured that I had finally arrived at the right place. And if you're an ex-pat, Feriel is able to relate to the different approaches in dental treatment between the US and what you might be used to back on t'other side of the pond.

Feriel carried out a thorough exam and took time out to clearly explain any treatment requiring immediate attention as well as those things that needed to be tracked for possible treatment in the future.

The Office Manager clearly explained all costs to me up front.

One thing that needed immediate attention was to have a new crown fitted. I felt little or no pain during or after the treatment. Feriel and her assistant were constantly checking throughout, to make sure I was okay.

My faith has been completely restored when it comes to visiting the dentist again, and for that, I am very grateful.

Like I say, I cannot rate Tara Hills Dental highly enough... Maybe something like '20' on a scale of '1 to 10'.
★★★★★ The staff at Tara Hills Dental are wonderful. They are prompt, professional, thorough, and treat you with such respect. I hope Dr. El Ghaoui never leaves. She is one of the best! Pinole
★★★★★ I had my teeth cleaned but I am also dealing with some new health issues that meant that I was probably more sensitive to the process than I might be otherwise. The hygienist was great - she was patient and worked with me until we found a way to do the cleaning that was ok for both of us. She was also very encouraging while she was working and afterward discussed with me what I can do at home to help my teeth. I would like her to be my hygienist the next time I have to have my teeth cleaned. Pinole
★★★★★ This is a great Dentist. The staff is top notch also. They worked with my needs, I've been able to do a Real Smile now, instead of the old one, 'lips closed, people wondering if I'm just not friendly...'

I required a lot of work. They worked with my insurance, and put a plan together that got me where I am today...

★★★★★ Always great service! Very happy with the care provided by Dr El Ghaoui and her staff.

★★★★★ I love this dentist and entire staff is fantastic!! I would highly recommend to anyone who needs that extra touch. In past I had fear of most Dentist's but not anymore. Thank You Tara Hills Dental! Pinole
★★★★★ From the hospitality and competence of the Receptionist, to the meticulousness of the Hygienist, to the fine-grained skill and high-level expertise of the Dentist herself, Tara Hills Dental is truly exceptional. I'm very grateful to and for them. Pinole
★★★★★ I went in for a cleaning. Danielle is very thorough and very informative. She explains what is going on with my dental care, and if there are any problems, what I can do to correct it. I think she and Dr. El Ghaoui work well together. Nothing wrong with men dentists but women add a nice touch and I appreciate the kindness and gentle care. Pinole
★★★★★ his is was such an enjoyable experience. The entire staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and accommodate me. If you want top quality work from extremely nice people, I would highly recommend the dentist and her staff Pinole
★★★★★ Dr El Ghaoui is an excellent dentist and the support staff is very professional. They stride to provide a comfortable environment for you while you are receiving care and they have succeeded. Pinole
★★★★★ Dr. El Ghaoui is the best. She is extremely thorough and does not half do anything or cut corners. Her staff is excellent as well! Pinole
★★★★★ Another excellent experience today. My teeth have never been cleaned so well and done so painlessly. Thank you Dr. El Ghaoui for your care and concern and for employing such knowledgeable and pleasant people. Pinole
★★★★★ I have been a patient of Dr. El Ghaoui since she moved to her office in Pinole. I used to be a patient of Dr. Boyce at that office and when he announced his retirement I was really worried about who was going to be my new dentist. Dr. Boyce recommended her and I decided to give her a chance. Since then, I have been very satisfied with her services.

She is a very good dentist and has exceeded my expectations. She has always showed genuine concern about my dental health and provided me with good services. Her office is a modern office that is always organized and clean. Her staff has also treated me with genuine concern and they have always made the necessary accommodations to my schedule when I have needed it.

I have previously recommended Dr. El Gahoui to people I know and I won't hesitate on putting a good word for her and her team!
★★★★★ My experiences have been exceptional and I've had several extensive dental applications completed. The doctor, assistant, hygenist, support personnel make u feel special. My hat(s) go off to this dental team for their skills, experiences, empathy, and customer service pleasantries make me look forward to our visits.......yes it feels like a personal time to catch up on each others lives......I truly enjoy my experiences at this dental office and I trust their recommendations. Pinole
★★★★★ Dr. El Ghaoui is EXCELLENT! She is kind, caring and competent. I get the sense that she really cares about me as a person. A person's dental health is important to their overall sense of themselves. Dr. El Ghaoui definitely helps me to keep my smile looking great! Pinole
★★★★★ Dr Elgoui is young, experienced, thorough in her work. The office staff is clean and the staff is friendly, welcoming to everyone and efficient. All the equipment is latest state of the art. The dental hygienist, Daniela, is also friendly and professional.

I never dread going to the dentist because I know I will be well taken care of. I recommend Dr. Elgoui with confidence.
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