Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui and her assistant, Betty, worked on me for nearly 2 hours to replace two amalgam fillings, deal with a crack in one tooth, a gum line cavity, crown prep and a temporary crown. My mouth is small and its not easy to work on in the very back. Dr. El Ghaoui and Betty are very gentle and nurturing. They did a beautiful and efficient job and even gave me a few jaw massages to help me get through it. The hygienist, Daniella, was very thorough when I had my cleaning and took note of every issue and detail, asking plenty of questions. I believe they all care about the health of my teeth and gums which is rare nowadays. Most dentists just want to make you look better with modern enhancements. I found Valerie at the front office to be very kind and efficient. The treatment rooms are very pleasant, with relaxing smooth jazz tunes. I highly recommend Tara Hills Dental and will definitely tell others about my experience.

thumb Gail L.

  I have been a patient at Tara Hills for many many years- in fact from the day she started at this practice. You couldn't find a better dentist. If you are lucky-- Dr. El Ghaoui would do your dental hygiene! I just recently visited the office for my regular cleaning -- the dental hygienist was busy with another patient so lucky me...I got Dr. El Ghaoui. I got the best cleaning ever. As another patient (Nora) said:" she has Angel's hands". That is so true.
And the bonus for all you French-speaking patients--- Dr. El Ghaoui will speak to you in French.
The office is modern, super well decorated, and super clean. Dr. El Ghaoui's assistants are also absolutely wonderful: Daniella, Randy, and last but not least Valerie who is very generous with her time while explaining your options for payment, especially for major procedures.
I will never switch dentists! I highly recommend this dental office.
My full gratitude to the Tara HIlls Dental team.

thumb Francine S.

  I went to Dr. EL Ghaoui simply to find a new dentist because my old dentist was too far away for me to drive any more. The initial visit included x-rays, which I'd been declining at my previous dentist. Dr. El Ghaoui also measured the depths of the pockets in my gums. It was a thorough exam. She noticed on an x-ray a loss of bone density in one tooth particularly and told me I will probably need to have that extracted and have an implant at some point. She also recommended a deep cleaning. I wondered, how could my previous dentist of 30 years have missed this. As I researched it, I now realize that my previous dentist DID miss telltale signs, I guess just doing regular cleanings and looking for cavities but not looking at the gum line. Dr. El Ghaoui felt that the tooth was loose, and I can now feel that myself, corroborating the x-ray findings. I didn't like to hear this as I trusted my other dentist, but I've come to realize that her analysis, her recommendations and her prognosis were spot on. I saw one or two other reviews here that objected to the thorough initial exam, but I for one am grateful. I'm glad to have found a new dentist who will recommend the best treatments for my dental health despite my own reservations. She was very understanding of my reluctance to accept that I needed these procedures after changing dentists, but I know she's right, and I'm happy I found her before the underlying infection worsened.

thumb JOHN K.